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Celebrating and Honoring Great Hindu Icons


Our products are designed with passion, care and great attention to detail, honoring the real Superheroes


Our storybooks are bright and visually appealing, enchanting young readers to discover India’s great Icons.


Our toys capture the beauty and perfection of these Superheroes, and can sing five mantras with a gentle touch to their belly

Great Ganesha <br>  Collection

Great Ganesha

Bring home the magic of LORD GANESHA! Check out His special story book and plush toy!

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Humble Hanuman <br> Collection

Humble Hanuman

Bring home the magic of LORD HANUMAN! Check out His special story book and plush toy!

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Our commitment to you

ganesh toys

We spent years perfecting our designs and plush toys. Check out our product page!

Impactful stories

Our books are written and illustrated thoughtfully. Each story will stay close to your heart for a long time.

Mantra singing plush toys

Our plush toys have 5 mantras dedicated to the corresponding Deity. The mantras are sung melodiously by our team of experts in India.

Safety first

Our plush toys are certified under ASTM F963-17 (Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety USA), CCPSA (Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) and under European Standard Safety of Toys

Our Client Experience

Gauri Gupta

There are so many Ganesha plush toys but this one caught my attention. So well crafted, so cute and so detailed! The modak is my favorite. This is my go-to product for every newborn!

Vishal S Sinha

I bought the book for my son, and I absolutely loved it. Every page has
beautiful artwork, colors, and great writing. The Ganesha book is written in rhymes and truly captures my son’s attention. I can’t wait to see their next book

Ankita Sharma

Such a cute Ganesh! I bought this plush toy for my niece and my entire family fell in love with it. The details, the colors, the mantras etc. I am a customer for life!