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Celebrating and Honoring Great Hindu Icons


Our plush toys are designed with passion, care and great attention to detail, honoring the real Superheroes


Our storybooks are bright and visually appealing, enchanting young readers to discover their faith


Our cultural toys capture the beauty and perfection of these Superheroes, and can sing 5 mantras with a touch to their belly

Great Ganesha <br>  Collection

Great Ganesha

Bring home the magic of LORD GANESHA! Check out His special story book and plush toy!

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Humble Hanuman <br> Collection

Humble Hanuman

Bring home the magic of LORD HANUMAN! Check out His special story book and plush toy!

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Our commitment to you

ganesh toys

We spent years perfecting our cultural toys. Check out our product page!

Impactful stories

Our Hindu story books are written and illustrated thoughtfully. Each story will stay close to your heart for a long time.

Mantra singing Indian cultural toys

Our cultural toys have 5 mantras dedicated to the corresponding Deity. The mantras are sung melodiously by our team of experts in India.

Safety first

Our Hindu plush toys are certified under ASTM F963-17 (Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety USA), CCPSA (Canada Consumer Product Safety Act) and under European Standard Safety of Toys

Our Client Experience

Gauri Gupta

There are so many Ganesha plush toys but this one caught my attention. So well crafted, so cute and so detailed! The modak is my favorite. This is my go-to product for every newborn!

Vishal S Sinha

I bought the book for my son, and I absolutely loved it. Every page has
beautiful artwork, colors, and great writing. The Ganesha book is written in rhymes and truly captures my son’s attention. I can’t wait to see their next book

Ankita Sharma

Such a cute Ganesh! I bought this plush toy for my niece and my entire family fell in love with it. The details, the colors, the mantras etc. I am a customer for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my Hindu plush toy sing?

To enable your toy to sing, open the Velcro at the back. Inside, you will find the sound box with a plastic strip attached to it. Simply pull the plastic strip until it is fully removed. It will activate the toy's batteries and allow it to sing.

Are Indian cultural toys safe for infants to play with?

Yes, absolutely. All Hindu toys from Cuddly Gurus are made of high-quality and non-toxic materials. We strictly adhere to ASTM F963-17 (USA) and CCPSA (Canada) safety standards to deliver a safe play time experience for your child.

How do Hindu cultural toys benefit early childhood development?

Introducing your children to Indian Gods or Indian God toys can foster cultural awareness. The exposure to the sounds and rhythms of the Mantras enhances their phonemic awareness and linguistic development.
To know more, read the Power of Mantras for Children.

Who tests the Indian plush toys?

Cuddly Gurus works with reputable third-party testing laboratories to validate the safety of all our Hindu toys. These independent assessments confirm that they meet or exceed the required safety standards. In case of any product safety questions, contact us today.

There are so many Hindu story books available. How is yours any different?

Yes, we absolutely agree that there are multiple Hindu cultural books available online, and they all offer beautiful imagery and colors. However, our story books have been written to represent the qualities of “Hindu God” Himself and not the acts He has done or is known for.
For example, Hanuman is not just about strength and lifting mountains, but about being humble yet powerful at the same time. Shiva’s amazing quality is not just defined by His temper or third eye, but by His power to always remain calm and serene. It is these stories combined with our Hindu God toys that bring out the true essence of these Great Icons.

How long does it take to process a refund or exchange?

After we receive and inspect the returned item, it takes 7 to 14 business days for us to process your refund or exchange. Refunds may take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on your credit card statement, depending on your credit card company.

Can my 3 month old baby use your plush toys?

Absolutely. Our toys are known to be one of the best Hindu cultural toys for early years and infants. Not just infants, but they are also known to be one of the best Hindu cultural toys for toddlers and preschoolers as well.