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2020 -Our Origin Story

It started with a realization

Superheroes are an important part of our childhood as they represent hope and inspiration. It is striking how the traditional icons of Indian culture represent many of the same values of today’s superheroes:
generosity, goodness, and valor.

It created a question

How can we create a plush toy that truly honors Indian Icons?
How do we capture their beauty and perfection for young, growing minds?
How can we create storybooks that tell heart-warming and inspiring stories of these great icons?

To solve this, we designed, and tested our way into two collections
Great Ganesha collection and Humble Hanuman collection.

It inspired experimentation and innovation

 After two years of experimenting, testing, and innovating, two Indian icons were created. These cultural icons would not just be appealing and desirable to young children, but also be visually extraordinary.

Cuddly Gurus was born

2022 – Cuddly Gurus’ first icons were launched.

In 2022, Cuddly Gurus created Great Ganesha and Humble Hanuman, upholding the promise to truly honor the superheroes of Indian religion. The plush toys are designed with passion, care, and great attention to detail - without compromising on quality. Both Lord Ganesha and Hanuman can sing five mantras that are specific to each of them by gently pushing their bellies. Each plush toy is accompanied by a storybook that is carefully crafted to engage young minds through rhymes, poems and attractive storytelling. Our storybooks are heart-warming and visually appealing – inspiring young readers to discover their faith.

Our mission

In 2022, Cuddly Gurus was created with the promise to embrace the superheroes of Indian religion by creating plush toys and books that capture their beauty and perfection.

Cuddly Gurus' brand promise is to:

  • - Offer superior design
  • - Create the enchantment of discovery
  • - Show our devotion to Indian religion by creating the highest quality toys, books, and faith-related products

We hope to excite your children and make a small impact
one Cuddly Guru at a time!

“The Gurus hymn a song... For you to sing along!”