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Most books are written for the mind, but this book – The Kind and Mighty Lord Hanuman – has been written for the soul.

Lord Hanuman is popularly known for his strength and energy. Many books have been written on His powers and His ability to lift an entire mountain.

This is one of the first books on Lord Hanuman that highlights another important characteristic – His kind and humble nature. This book is an original story that explains not just His strength but His absence of ego towards all living beings. It is illustrated beautifully and written in rhymes to engage your little ones!


The Kind and Mighty Lord Hanuman will enchant young readers and adults alike, so get your copy today!

Back of the book

Take a journey with a young boy who discovers a new purpose

At the feet of Lord Hanuman – The epitome of strength and greatness

This is a very special book written for young readers

And we hope it stays close to your heart for many years.


  • Board Book
  • 6X6 inches

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Beautiful Book

Absolutely amazing book. So well written and easy to read. Perfect way to introduce Hanuman to your child.