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Iconic mothers in Hinduism - A Mother's Day Special by Cuddly Gurus

May 14, 2023

Mothers are rightly considered to be the incarnation of God on earth. Let's take a look at some iconic mothers who sacrificed and influenced their children in a way that made them famous all over the world.


- Maa Parvati: She created Ganesha and breathed life into the boy. She then fought with Lord Shiva when He was beheaded. She is remembered for her unconditional love for Ganesha and for pushing Him to achieve His greatest potential. She is the reason behind Ganesha's divine status.


- Maa Yashoda: Maiyya Yashoda was not Sri Krishna's birth mother but she raised Him with immense love and affection. She shaped Him to be the powerful Deity that He is. The world knows her name as Sri Krishna's beloved mother.


- Maa Devki: She was Sri Krishna's biological mother. Her brother Kamsa killed all her children and imprisoned her. Kamsa was warned that Devki's child would kill him. Devki saved her last child Krishna by sending him to live with Yashoda. She showed immense courage when she sacrificed her well-being in order to save Sri Krishna's life.


- Maa Sita: She was sent to live in a forest after being accused of being impure. She had twins named Luv and Kush. Yet she held no grudges against her husband Lord Rama. Instead, she taught her twins to always be respectful and told them stories of their father. She raised them to be as worthy as their father.


    Parvati : Unconditional love and pure strength

    Yashoda: Love and affection

    Devki: Courage and sacrifice

    Sita: Raised worthy children



    Whether it is mythology or reality, there is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful moms!



    By - Cuddly Gurus - Celebrating and honoring India's great icons.

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