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Sons who honored their fathers - A Father's Day special

Jun 18, 2023

Fathers,like mothers, are undeniably important in every child's life. They serve as pillars of strength. love and guidance.

Hindu mythology describes some great fathers who raised strong and charismatic children. Let's take a look at how children of mythical times honored their fathers above everyone else.

King Dasharatha and Lord Rama

Lord Rama was supposed to succeed the throne. But Dasharatha's second wife, Kaikeyi, wanted her son Bharata to become the King. She used the boons that Dasharatha had given to her earlier and used it against him. The king had no choice but to honor his word. So Lord Rama accepted Kaikeyi's wishes and retired to the forest without ill feelings.

  • Lord Rama went into exile only to honor His father's word


Shantanu and Bhishma

Shantanu was a king who had a son named Devavrata. Shantanu fell in love with Satyavati, but she refused to marry him because she felt her children would not receive the kingdom and would remain under Devavrata. Devavrata renounced his claim to the throne and pledged that he would never marry nor have any successor. Due to this vow, he became known as Bhishma

  • Bhishma renounced the throne and his name for his father's happiness


Ganesha and Shiva

Lord Shiva was given a special mango. The one who ate it would gain knowledge and wisdom. But who should He give the mango to? He decided to hold a competition between his two sons - Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya. The terms of the competition were - Whoever went around the world three times, will win the prize. Kartikeya immediately jumped on his peacock to go around the world, while Lord Ganesha walked around His parents three times. He declared that His world is at His parents' feet.

  • Ganesha, the most beloved God, showed His utmost respect for His father when He walked around Him three times


Lord Rama and Lord Ganesha may be superheroes to the world, but their first superhero will always remain Their father. Whether it is mythical or real characters. great mean are not born... but molded by their Fathers.

A Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads out there!




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