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Understanding the power of OM

Apr 21, 2023

Many of us have heard the sound OM in temples, yoga studios, households, and even television and movies. Most people associate OM with meditation, but the true meaning of Om is deeply embedded in Hindu philosophy.

In Hinduism, OM is known to be the sound of the universe

- What does that mean?

Sound is made up of vibrations.The number of vibrations per second is known as frequency. All matter (including us) are made up of atoms, and atoms are always in constant motion.

Therefore, everything and everyone vibrates to some frequency.

The universe is made of energy, frequency and vibration, and OM is that original vibration of the universe aka the first sound of creation

- Why do we chant OM though?

Because we align our frequency with that of the original universal frequency. A person can spiritualize their life by staying in contact with the energy of the Absolute.


If you look at OM closely

- The upper curve is the deep sleep status (sushupti) - A state of total unawareness.

- The lower curve is the normal waking state (Jagrat)

- The middle curve is in between. Here the dreamer experiences a world behind closed eyes

- The dot is enlightenment (turiya). In this state, a person becomes harmonized with the Absolute.

- The crescent is Maya (illusion that binds a soul to the material world). The crescent never touches the dot as Enlightenment is always unaffected by Maya.



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