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How did Lord Hanuman get His amazing powers?

Jun 08, 2024

As a child, Lord Hanuman was known for His mischievous and adventurous spirit. One day, He was feeling hungry, and He saw the sun rising in the sky. He mistook it for a ripe, delicious mango. Driven by His hunger and innocent curiosity, Lord Hanuman leaped into the sky with great speed and strength to grab the “mango.” As He approached the sun, the Gods grew concerned about the potential consequences of his actions. Indra, the king of Gods, struck Hanuman with his thunderbolt to prevent any disaster, causing Lord Hanuman to fall back to Earth, unconscious.

His father, Vayu, the wind god, became enraged and withdrew all air from the world, causing distress among all living beings. To appease Vayu and revive Lord Hanuman, the Gods granted him various boons -

1. Indra (King of Gods), who had struck Lord Hanuman with his thunderbolt, granted Him immunity from the effects of his weapon, Vajra. He also gave Lord Hanuman the boon of invincibility and long life.

2. Brahma (Creator God) blessed Lord Hanuman with the ability to change His form at will

3. Surya (Sun God) bestowed upon Lord Hanuman immense knowledge and wisdom.

4. Varuna (God of Water) gave Lord Hanuman the boon of being invulnerable to water.

5. Agni (God of Fire) granted Lord Hanuman protection from fire.

6. Vayu (Wind God, and Hanuman’s father) blessed Him with the power of immense speed and the ability to fly.

With these divine blessings, Lord Hanuman became extraordinarily powerful, wise, and capable of performing miraculous feats, making him a revered figure in Hindu mythology.


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