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Immersion with Karma - A Ganesh Visarjan Special

Sep 28, 2023

Every year, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. The eleven days of joy, family, sweets and food, depicts Indian culture in its true essence.

While we all get a positive vibe from Lord Ganesha's idol, there is another aspect of the celebration - Pollution.

Ganesh idols are made of
  • Plaster of Paris (magnesium, phosphorus, gypsum and sulfur)
  • Various colors (cadmium, lead, mercury, carbon, arsenic etc)
  • Glitter and fake diamonds (harmful elements that do not dissolve in water)
When immersed in water sources, these harmful chemicals
  • Contaminate the water
  • Destroy marine life
  • Create dead water bodies that eventually become unusable

Fortunately, a movement towards eco-friendly alternatives has gained momentum over the years. Many Ganesha idols are now being made of recycled materials and edibles (such as chocolates and vegetables)


Recognizing the ecological impact of PoP Ganesha idols, a movement towards eco-friendly alternatives gained momentum Clay, also known as shaadu maati, emerged as the primary material for crafting Ganesha idols. Why?

  • They are easy to source
  • Clay can be molded into any shape
  • Artisans have been using clay for centuries, making it easier to keep up with the demand
Making eco-friendly Ganeshas
    1. Artisans source natural clay - free of impurities and additives
    2. They shape the clay into the desired form of Lord Ganesha, adding all the details required
    3. The idol is dried in the sun for a few days and then adorned with natural colors derived from herbs and vegetables
    4. Jewelry and glitter are replaced with plant seeds and cloth
      Immersion with karma

      One of the most significant aspects of eco-friendly Ganesha idols is their immersion process. Unlike PoP idols that linger in water bodies for years, clay idols dissolve easily, leaving no traces behind. This "return to earth" symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and reflects the essence of Ganesh Chaturthi, which is about celebrating light and harmony while respecting the environment.

      From clay to karma, let us embrace this eco-conscious tradition as an embodiment of the festival’s true spirit – the triumph of light, goodness, and our duty towards Mother Earth.



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