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Celebrating the most beloved God - A Ganesh Chaturthi special

Sep 19, 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi is a major Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed God of wisdom, prosperity and success.

How was this beloved God born?

Lord Ganesha's birth has several versions but no ancient scriptures know which version is accurate. The most popular version is

  • Lord Shiva was away. Goddess Parvati created a servant boy to turn away visitors while she bathed
  • Lord Shiva arrived demanding to see her, but the boy stood firm and would not let Him pass
  • Lord Shiva's generals could not make the boy move. Lord Shiva grew angry and decapitated the child

Devastated Goddess Parvati demanded Lord Shiva right His wrong. He sent His army to find a replacement head. They returned from the jungle with the head of an elephant.

Lord Shiva blessed his son Ganesha with prosperity and intelligence. He also declared that Ganesha would always be worshiped first, before any other God.

That's why Hindus always pray to Ganesha first - the remover of obstacles.

Whether this story is true or not, there is another meaning behind it.

The significance of a new head

The little boy created by Goddess Parvati symbolizes "Moh" (attachment). But when a person is deeply attached to someone, he/ she is never at ease. That person's mind is constantly generating thoughts. To attain the ultimate truth and peace, one must eliminate the source of sorrows and agonies.

Therefore, the "beheading" represents the elimination of this source by none other than Lord Shiva Himself.

Lord Ganesha's symbolism

The symbolism of Lord Ganesha extends from the majestic elephant head to the tiny mouse that serves as His vehicle. Every part of Lord Ganesha's body has its own significance.

  • Elephant head: Wisdom and memory
  • Large ears: Listen more
  • Small eyes: Focus
  • Curved trunk: Be adaptable
  • Belly: The universe
  • Broken tusk: Retain the good, let go of the bad
  • Modak: The sweetness experienced with eternal inner peace
  • Mouse: Ride on desires but keep them under control


From the vibrant celebrations to the heartwarming stories, Ganesh Chaturthi teaches us valuable life lessons and brings communities together. So as you dive into the celebrations, remember the wisdom of Lord Ganesha -

Listen well, adapt to change and always find the sweetness in life's moments

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!



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